Welcome to the home of our sweet lil’ angels. I so enjoy the art of reborning making blank vinyl kits come to life through this art. It is a source of tremendous pride and pleasure for me. Each custom reborn baby created is a unique work of art made from the highest quality materials. They are heirloom quality babies that will stand against time to be passed down through many generations. We hope you will enjoy looking around our site, and find something you will love for years to come. Whether you're a doll collector,  looking for a special gift a child will cherish, or for any other reason, Sweet Lil' Angels offers precious reborn babies everyone will love. Our endearing lifelike dolls look and feel like real babies. They are sure to tug at your heartstrings. We pride ourselves on quality custom reborn dolls- and it shows!
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Custom Reborn Doll Orders Welcome!
Words could never be enough to tell you how much joy you've brought into MC'Kayla's 3 year old life - by creating Shyann.  She is so thrilled to have her ...I love seeing her eyes light up! You are the best reborn artist Mrs. Whelan and I'm glad to have found you.   ~Quamika
• I paint my reborn dolls in many layers, baked between each layer, to achieve the look of newborn mottled skin. • Each custom doll receives micro-rooted hair made from mohair, tenderly placed using a fine needle one hair at a time. • I sew the bodies of my lifelike dolls from premium doe-skin suede that blends perfectly with their skin color. • Before lovingly assembling my reborn dolls, I weight them with glass beads, poly-resin pellets, and premium extra-loft fiberfill - they feel like a real baby when held. • Each of my reborn babies can hold a pacifier and a cute hair bow. • After receiving a wonderful baby scent, I take a baby picture and place my adorable creations up for adoption
EVERY Reborn Doll Has:
Brush Set
Paint Pallette
Brow Brushes
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The down payment on a custom ordered doll is non-refundable.
Skylar arrived yesterday. She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Everything about her is perfect. Love all of the things you sent along with her. My Grand daughter won't put her down and sleeps with her and is wanting a boy baby next. You are the best out there Sharon, you perform magic!!! I am so grateful  I found you! You put your heart and soul into creating these babies. Rhonda
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Our newest little angel!